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Best way to treat an abcess

What is the best way to treat an abcess in a barefoot horse?  Poor Charlie is hopping lame and feeling pretty miserable and I don't seem to be having much success getting it to come to anything.

I have polticed it but nothing to see so far.  This morning he let me hot tub it and that seemed to give him some relief. He actually put the foot on the ground rather than just holding it up.

Should I be keeping him in or out?  He is not moving around very much at all but wonder if he would be more comfortable in his stable where he could lie down? Or is he better being able to move around a bit more?

Should I put a wet or dry poultice on and how long can it be left for without compromising his foot?

Are there any homeopathic remedies which are particularly good for drawing it?

Any help gratefully recieved.  I am finding it very upsetting to see him in so much pain and not able to help.

Do you know where the abscess is?

Wet poulticing will soften the sole and make any egress easier if it decides to come out the heel or side of the frog - but if the sole is thick it may come out the c-band instead

Not a great fan of letting the vet dig - but it can give the horse immense relief.

I found the warmth of a good long soak helped the pain of it with my lad, used epsom salts, that will soften the hoof a bit too. Maybe think about rubbing aqueous cream in to the coronary band to soften it slightly if it wants to come out there..

If you believe homeopathy will help, then Hep Sulph 30C was what I was recommended to use, but I'm deeply sceptical about homeopathy to be honest.

Thanks Bruce.

I am not sure where it is, however think it must be towards the heel as when he does hobble it is on his toe.

Will hot tub him again later and then put some cream around the coronary band as you suggest. He definately enjoyed the hot tubbing.

Think I will poultice him again tonight and try a wet one this time.

Like you I am not keen on the vet digging.  It has taken a long time to get his feet to this stage...................

The homeopathic remedy remedy which is most often useful in drawing an absess out is Hepar Sulph.... once it has begun to discharge... , the best follow up with Silica....

If I were treating one of mine... I would give one 30c pellet in a little water... usually in the palm of my hand with a little piece of carrot...

Hope all gets better soon....
Fee x

Well the abscess burst overnight on Friday.  Went out to check him at 9pm and he was sweating and panting.  Was really worried so rang the vet for advice.  He said I should hang in there which I did and by the morning he was putting his foot down and much happier.  It has been hot tubbed and poulticed every night and there is still gunge coming out of it.  Off to buy some silica this morning so hopefully that will clear it out.  He is just so much happier now - thank goodness.

Thanks for all your help and advice.

Interestingly my old boy normally hates being in the stable(he has had to be in to keep charlei company) as his legs all fill up.  This is the first time he has been in since he has been barefoot and his legs are not filling any more!  Better circulation must be making all the difference.  He is also quite happy being in.  amazing.

I once helped a horse with a really bad abscess. She had been sore for two weeks, and the owner was tearing her hair out

She had stood on a heel branch and twisted the shoe on that foot - so I took both fronts off for her. within 3 minutes, there was black gunk pouring out of the nail holes and out of her heels and a much happier horse.  As soon as the hoof could flex, she was able to "pump out" out the hoof.

Stank like nothing I have ever smelled before Shocked  - took some effort to get the smell out of my hands!

that sounds like a very satisfying result both for you and the horse.

Know what you mean about the smell though it is rank!  I have a similar problem trying to get rid of it!

Bicarb - works wonders.

Thanks for the tip!  Will give it a try.

Have you read the performance diary where my horse Ron has had massive problems with an abcess ? Hope your horse is better soon .

thanks westernfreak.  will check that out.

Poor Ron.  What an awful time you have both had.  fingers crossed Charlie does not get as bad as that.  thanks for putting me onto your information - very helpful.

Hope Ron is fully recovered soon.

Thanks  A D poor Ron has had an awufull lot of things going on but hopefully hes on the up now everything crossed  Smile Forum Index -> UKNHCP Barefoot Community
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