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Mediolateral balance- thoughts

Ive been thinking about this and wondered what the general thought is.
As I understand it when a horse is barefoot the amount the horse works and wears its feet the more the hoof grows in response to the wear. If the horse consistantly central loads heel first then the hoof grows correctly. If a horse has an injury or conformation fault the hoof will grow to support the leg causing hoof deviation as opposed to flaring.
But if the horse isn't landing heel first or loads one side more than the other the hoof will continue to grow the support for the movement unless the enviroment/footing changes such as pea gravel that helps change the landing to heel first.
If the enviroment cant be changed due to being on a livery yard do you trim to 'rebalance' and 'correct' the movement over a period of time or do you continue to allow the hoof to 'sort itself out'.
But if the horse habitually moves the same way due to muscle memory and continues to wear the hoof the same way wont it continue to grow that way even if an injury has mended.
Hope that all makes sense Wink  Any ideas  Smile

One of the UKNHCP students asked a question at the Conference along similar lines during Hans' thermographics presentation (the free one open to the public in the evening).  She asked if your horse has body work which alters the way of going how should you trim, and how often.  He replied that you may need to trim more frequently, following what the horse's hoof is telling you.  This training of how to read the whole horse is part of what the UKNHCP students' education, well worth the money IMO  Very Happy

FWIW, I've seen nothing but trouble caused by trying to correct wall deviations.  Even if the horse isn't landing heel first, the hoof will still try to grow the most supportive hoof capsule, and often the heel first landing only fully develops once that is at least partially in place. Forum Index -> UKNHCP Barefoot Community
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