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Seedy toe

Again.... Crying or Very sad

Thought we had it nobbled last spring - but it's back - seems to happen quite quickly. It's been an on-off issue since he was shod about 5-6 years ago with toe clips and that seemed to be the start of it. He never had it before that last 4 shoeings with toe clips. May not be a causal link, but it seems to be.

Trimmed round it and opened it up so as to get access and air into it - and then used white lightening gel, and put a cotton wool plug of it in there - just have to be consistent about cleaning it every day.

May get the WL soak as well and really knock it. He's not complaining about it, not bothering him, but I want it on the way to healing up before the winter really starts.

Anyone got other suggestions?

Ohh dear..  do you know if it's fungal or bacterial..??

I know different things work for different hooves in different locations too  I guess it all boils down to what fungii / bacteria are present in your location..

I find saline and then cut heal wound powder squirted ontop of the damp from saline bits.. but have to confess I've not had anything serious to deal with..

Was also wondering about immune system???  boosting the imune system thro diet .. Also possible is upset guts..  what are his droppings like .. are they any different???  (healthy gut helps the immune system).

Probably no help at all as am sure you've probably gone thro the list above..

It's anaerobic - which is why getting the air in is important.

His heels are low, toes short, horn quality quite good, rest of white line is tight....guts are fine, his poos are perfect and plenty of them Laughing - there is just this weakness at the toe of that hoof that has gone on for years.

I thought we had this nailed (sic) and it's come back again.  He had it when Anni was trimming him and it was on an off then too.

I don;t think immune system is really relevant for seedy toe - there is no real blood supply to the affected area - it's bacteria eating away at the white line.

There is a notch in his crena in the x-rays. The vet had noticed it. The interesting thing is when he was shod with toe clips, he was a digger. He would dig holes in any loose, gravelly surface. I've always wondered if it was just a deviance of his, or if there was a reason for it.

brucea wrote:
It's anaerobic - which is why getting the air in is important. ..............

errrr some kind of adapted scuba diving kit.. pumping air under hoof..  I'm obviously snatching at straws now..
White Stallion

seedy toe

It may not be relevent but I once had a sheep which arrived with footrot in her front feet. she grazed on her knees most of the time...poor little lady. I think that is caused by an anaerobic bacteria. Anyway it was right up inside the cleat. The cleat was malformed. Everyday I dug all the mud and black infected stuff out, soaked the foot in footrot bath for sheep, (and when I ran out I used a solution of potassium permanganate). Stuffed cotton wool soaked in the liquid into the hole and eventually I noticed the hoof wall growing down normally shaped. I kept on until the new growth got to the bottom of the cleat. She was sound before this but there was no way I was going back to lameness after all the hard work. This sheep was wild and I had to catch her everyday. She became very clever!!! at avoiding capture but I always managed to tempt her with some goodies. So after a long time she was OK and sound. Don't know if any of that helps but worth a try if you have tried everything else. Hope it is soon all healed up.

Very interesting to hear WS - we forget that it also affects sheep.

Dealt with a sore foot in a bull for my farmer mate - he was just called "Mr Cow" - really sweet old Charolais who was as gentle as he was absolutely huge.

Very good at holding his foot up though - we'd have never fitted him in the crush anyway so it was just as well. It was between the digits - like a dermatitis thing - and I just used povidone and a small brush followed up by the Alamycin blue  spray and once it was staying dry just cleaned it and used what I use for the horses which is an old sock filled with the stable fresh powder. He was quite tight in there, and the inside edges needed a tidy up. Worked a treat - took a couple of weeks.

Not to dissimilar to horses really in that they get long toes, under-run heels, so called "scissor feet" and the same kinds of thrushes and dermatitis problems.

It was actually the blue spray that the vet recommended for it first time round. Maybe I should give the Alamycin blue spray a go again.

Hi Bruce, if you fancy an essential oil recipe, here's one for you - fairly ancient and under the heading of Equine Hoof Rot :

10 drops chamomile oil
15 drops thyme oil
5 drops melissa oil

Dilute all 3 oils in 100ml vegetable oil.  Treat using either hot compresses in each hoof or paint over affected areas.

I have 2 of these in the house - maybe I'll get melissa and give it a go once I've gotten on top of it.

But I think the Alamycin will be the first port of call! I need the sledgehammer this time.
Angie and Benji

I've used this with good results and its never returned;  Like you it started after shoes with toe clips came off

Yes - you start to wonder what damage toe clips actually do long term - it's over 5 years since the shoes came off but there is still a compromised are a of the hoof.

Never used a pack type material. I'll have a look at this too - maybe as a follow up once I have the little bugs nobbled - as a way of keeping it plugged against dirt until it grows down.

We've increased copper and zinc - so hope that this has an influence too in the longer term.
White Stallion

Seedy toe

The sheep had the bugs actually right inside the cleat itself, not between the toes as one would have thought. Tricky to treat but when it resolved it was lovely to see the cleat reshape itself and all the ridges disappear. The pad underneath was smooth and healthy...Good Job done. We used to use a liquid that my Dad poured into holes which bubbled all the muck out but I can't remember its name......old age you see!

Be hydrogen peroxide I'd guess?
White Stallion

seedy toe

Hey thats right...don't know why I couldn't remember it!
What are the modern day thoughts on this now?

I use the White Lightening which like H2O2 provides released oxygen, but does not do any harm to live tissue.

Never been quite sure about peroxide - not fact based sentiment, just felt disinclined to use it!

If it's any help I regularly gargled with hydrogen peroxide and it  never did me any harm Wink

Your tonsil hairs are white now though!

I have used this in the past and its great, comes with straw like nozzle (like WD40) so you get into the nooks and crannies !

brucea wrote:
Your tonsil hairs are white now though!

Laughing  Laughing  Laughing

But it sorted my ulcers out Wink

I used to get ulcers, but haven't had one for ages. Avoiding too much sugar is the thing.

I'm just using the Duphacycline spray the vet gave me Hobnob, and a cotton wool plug. Doing it twice daily. That should sort the little buggers. Now it's opened up the treatment can really get in.

All the minerals except monosodium phosphate in the diet now and we'll see if that makes a difference

The vet will have a look when he comes out to take his tooth out  Sad

Off ulcers are mechanical. I have been a mouth biter since a kid and used to get terrible ulcers.
My mouth is all scarred inside and I always have a few 'lumps' on the go to chew on.
I have been better as an adult and haven't had an infection since 2002.
Getting my tongue pierced helped - I play with that now and only bite half as much Very Happy

I need a cherry roller and a flash noseband Wink

There are certain specialist shops you could get similar equipment from Sez!!

I wrecked my molars and pre-molars as a teen - I was a grinder when I was asleep. Woke up too often with bits of teeth and filling rolling around in my mouth. Then ulcers from the damage from the sharp bits. The "Bonjella Scream". Forum Index -> UKNHCP Barefoot Community
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